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Microsoft has announced an improved and expanded way to consume Azure Diagnostic Logs: streaming via Event Hubs. Azure Diagnostic Logs are logs emitted by a resource and provide insight into the operation of that resource. The content of these logs varies by resource type; for example, Windows event system logs are one category of Diagnostic Log for VMs, and blob, table, and queue logs are categories of Diagnostic Logs for storage accounts. These differ from Audit Logs, which provide insight into the operations that were performed on resources in your subscription. Previously, you could only store these logs for audit in a Storage account. Now, you can easily set up streaming Diagnostic Logs to Event Hubs using the Portal or the Azure PowerShell Cmdlets.

What Can I Do with Diagnostics Logs and Event Hubs?

Here are just a few ways you might use the streaming capability for Diagnostic Logs:


Azure Diagnostic Logs can now be streamed to Event Hubs
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